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Profil International is the principal sponsor of 16th PERYÖN National People Management Congress

Profil International creates "awareness" on "Talent Management"

Profil International has become the principal sponsor of 16th PERYÖN National People Management Congress, which will be held between November 5-7th 2008 in Lütfi Kırdar Congress Centre.

This year's main theme is "Awareness". Many notable national and international speakers will be presenting key messages and knowledge around this topic.

Our strategic partners Al Rainaldi, Executive Vice President of Profiles International Inc., the world's recognized leader and our strategic business partner in HR management assessment tools and Nilgün Aygen, founding partner of Profiles GmbH will make a presentation at the congress.

The presentation will take place on November 6th 2008 at 16:00 in Anadolu Auditorium. Headlined "What's happening on Mulberry Street?", their presentation will outline the importance of awarenessss and objective understanding in relation to the talent management challenges of tomorrow's business world, providing concrete suggestions for immediate improvements in all of its main aspects.

What's happening on Mulberry Street?

Written in 1937 by Dr. Seuss, the children's book "And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street" is a celebration of "creative thinking" while encouraging parents to approach their children with an open mind and a deeper understanding of their potential. More than 70 years down the road, the book is still in print and its message more relevant than ever - not only to parenting but also to talent management in businesses across the world.

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